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Dolphin 1" Stainless Basic T Top - Navy Blue Canopy

For the smaller size center console alloy or fibreglass boat. Attaches direct to your console (4 x mounts) Adjustable in width & front to rear legs positions. Lower flat for storage. Up to 45 inches wide center console. 1" strong and firm stainless frame. 77 inches tall approx. 63 inch x 47 inch material cover. Canopy color: Navy blue


Note: It is a basic entry bimini t top. If you expect to have a heavy duty t top, please purchase Dolphin Pro, Pro plus or Pro2 t top.

Dolphin SS Pro Plus T TOP

Current canopy color :  Navy Blue.

Fully adjustable in height, installation width, and distance between front and rear mounts.


Up to 45 inches wide center console
77-80 inches adjustable height, can angle rear higher. Installation distance between front and rear mounts is adjustable to fit most console. 63 inch  x 47 inch material cover

Lowering the T Top

Detached the rear leg from the console.
Remove upper mounting bolt of front leg.
Loosen the bottom front leg mount.
Pivot the T Top forwards.
Loosen to of the rear legs if need.


1 Inch Polished 304 grade Stainless tube thick walled.
Stainless end fittings on tubes.
Stainless steel hardware.
Alloy mountings
Marine grade VIII, UV resist Acrylic cover.


Black color Material

The Pro SS Boat T Top is great and easy to install your self. It is very adjustable allowing you to custom fit it to your console.

Dolphin SS T-TOP Installation Guide

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