1. Do you sell products globally?

Yes, we ship to global, but we only accept returns for domestic orders.

2. When will you ship my order?

We always ship your order within 2 business days from the date we receive your payment. If you place your order but don’t submit payment, we will ignore your order automatically, and you don’t need to inform us to cancel.

3. What carrier do you use to ship?

Standard shipping takes 3-5 business days !

4. What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept payment with PayPal or credit card.

5. What should I do if I am unsatisfied with the products or the product doesn’t fit my boat?

You can refund your order within 15days from the date you receive your order, if the quality is not ok, we will send you a UPS return label and we will pay the return shipping cost. If it doesn’t fit your boat, you can PayPal us the return shipping cost and we will send you the UPS returning label.

6. Can I get continuous after sales services in the future?

Sure,please send email to sales@boardoutlets.com or phone 626 264 8849 when you need help.

For most brands made out of US, it is always a headache to get replacement spares when you need to repair your tower, we keep all common spares in stock and we supply free replacement for damages during transportation or quality issues. However we cannot cover the cost you paid to the third party to replace the parts, and all Dolphin products are priced based on this policy.
For any spares lost or destroyed by comsumers we will offer the spares at cost price. You can find the common spares in the menu of accessories on www.originwakeboard.com, www.reborntower.com,www.dolphinttop.com

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